on stasis and motion (2014)

All life is agony.

Only the death of one being
can give birth to another.

It is the nature of life
to breed and evolve,
to feast and perish.

As life will spread through the universe
over future aeons of time,
the quantity of pain will become
unmeasurable, since nature itself does
not comply to any ethical commitment
but self-preservation.

Until this day humans are
the only known living beings in nature
which are mentally capable
of deliberately acting
against their very own nature.

This marks the only difference
between animals and human beings.
This is what defines art.
Art eases the pain
which is yet to come.

Art Against Agony

on subjectivity and uniformism (2016)

Our very existence is absurd.
Everything we do will eventually come to an end,
but still it is our ideas that are forming time and history.

All motions we stir during the very short time we spend on this planet
will add more variables to the static principle of causality in the universe.
Yet therein, names, faces or any other forms of expressing our identity are of no value.

This implies that we ourselves are inevitably irrelevant living beings,
that in fact all we cherish about our individual self is of most vivid insignificance
regarding to what humanity has been, is now or will ever be.

However, most irritatingly, all high cultures descending from human origin
have ever since erected solemnizing monuments for specific names or faces,
rather than for high culture itself.

We wear masks to facilitate you focus on who we all really are.
Nobody, nothing – No body. No thing.
We are ideas.

Ideas can not be attached to any individual person or identity,
yet, unlike bodies or things, ideas are destined to remain.
Quidquid luce fuit tenebris agit.

Therefore, attaching utmost importance to individual feelings,
causality may reward you with the greatest material pleasures imaginable.
Alas, causality will fall into oblivion as the tides of time wash away your body,
forfeiting what could be a glorious future for mankind.

The leap of faith comes not from whether
you like or dislike the content of these words,
but rather from whether or not you dare to deal with its consequences.

Dare to be nobody.
Dare to no longer fall in, but out of love.
Dare to make the paradox orthodox and the orthodox paradox.

Art Against Agony

on innovation and discovery (2017)

Every time there comes up a thought in your head,
you discover something that has always been this way
before that thought came up in your head.

All fancy, all imagination, is just a brief insight into the blueprint of existence.
We may only think of what the structure of reality possibly allows us to think of.
Nothing that cannot be envisioned will ever be envisioned.

Thus, both artefactum and naturafactum are facta
just within the frames of any possible forms of existence.
Once we create something that we end up calling ’new‘, we merely discover a combination of coordinates within these frames, which has previously been concealed to us.

There is no innovation. There is only discovery, oblivion, and rediscovery.
Nothing is ever new. The concept of originality is a concept of self-deception.
Let’s close our eyes. We must not use them, if we desire to see the truth.

Art Against Agony

on beauty and violence (2017)

Our perception of beauty is initiated by a moment of irritation.
Unexpected energy grinds bodily motions to a sudden halt.
Increased breath, yet unable to speak, we stand still, immobilized by awe.

Sympathic nervous system takes over.
Signs incorporate meaning,
shapes imply congruence,
colours evoke emotions,
odours become perfumes,
sounds tell stories,
bodies start secretion.

Our bodily interpretation of beauty turns irritation into arousal, paralysis into erection.
Beautiful objects are fueling the consumptive appetite,
violently provoking our yearning for possessive penetration and destructive analyses.

Our conceptual appreciation of beauty therefore calls for its conservation.
Waxcasts, photographs, sculptures, still life, musical notation.
Every conservation thus stops the motion of an object,
to preserve a single moment of its beauty.

As soon as beauty is conserved, we may still ravish in necrophilia,
yet the thrilling joy to violate, mutilate and rape the alive being,
will be forever forsaken.

Art Against Agony

on idealism versus reality (2018)

Being an idealist in life means to constantly limit yourself by necessity,
balancing on a thin line between expectations
and their respective realisations.
However, the basic claim of idealism is not to realize ideas;
it is to idealize reality.

This paradoxical eneadvour forces idealists to work against two constitutional
aspects of reality: Matter and motion.

In reality, any creation is by definition (κρέας) alienated from its idea,
as placed in reality only through matter and always subjected to change by
Thus, the fight for idealism can only be fought
accepting the rules of matter and motion.
Putting a mask on our faces has been a resulting compromise
that we needed to commit to
in order to convey idealism into the flesh of reality.

Yet, as our own flesh will have returned to earth in no time,
the mask will always represent an idea which has its place outside reality,
outside the realms of everlasting change and turmoil,
where the dance is motionlessness.

Art Against Agony

on music and drugs (2020)

‚O sacrum convicium,
in quo Christus sumitur:
recolitur memoria passionis eius,
mens impletur gratia et futurae
gloriae nobis pignus datur.

We have nothing more
to add here.

Art Against Agony

on time and metaphysics (2021)

motionless aeons
have slipped
without record
only to be reckoned
as such
by beings
having witnessed
before neither
motionlessness nor aeons
within the very
maelstroms of those
motionless aeons

Art Against Agony

on muses and artisanship (2022)

All supposed art is
rooted in animalism.
Aesthetic pleasures which arises
from body shapes
surpasses those of mere geometry,
symmetry and proportion,
since the aesthetic features of
bodies furthermore
satiate their very own animalistic

All supposed art is subject to
until the human race has reached
the capacities to collectively
redeem itself from its bodily

Entertaining muses
can rightfully be viewed
as making constructive use of the
given symbiosis
of aesthetics and satisfaction of bodily needs,
but it furthermore
encompasses aspects
of mental domination over
muses to such a degree
that those aspects can
overshadow the initial creative

Do orgasms translate
into artistic genius?
We don’t know for sure.

Art Against Agony

on AI and creativity (2023)

It is important to take care of the patient, to be
followed by the patient, but it will happen at such a
time that there is a lot of work and pain. Who himself
suspended the basketball? Laughter is a good way to
draw the mecenas layer of the lake or the easy ones.

Art Against Agony