Being an idealist in life means to constantly limit yourself by necessity,
balancing on a thin line between expectations
and their respective realisations.
However, the basic claim of idealism is not to realize ideas;
it is to idealize reality.

This paradoxical eneadvour forces idealists to work against two constitutional
aspects of reality: Matter and motion.

In reality, any creation is by definition (κρέας) alienated from its idea,
as placed in reality only through matter and always subjected to change by
Thus, the fight for idealism can only be fought
accepting the rules of matter and motion.
Putting a mask on our faces has been a resulting compromise
that we needed to commit to
in order to convey idealism into the flesh of reality.

Yet, as our own flesh will have returned to earth in no time,
the mask will always represent an idea which has its place outside reality,
outside the realms of everlasting change and turmoil,
where the dance is motionlessness.

art against agony (2018)