Every time there comes up a thought in your head,
you discover something that has always been this way
before that thought came up in your head.

All fancy, all imagination, is just a brief insight into the blueprint of existence.
We may only think of what the structure of reality possibly allows us to thinkĀ of.
Nothing that cannot be envisioned will ever be envisioned.

Thus, both artefactum and naturafactum are facta
just within the frames of any possible forms of existence.
Once we create something that we end up calling ’new‘, we merely discover a combination of coordinates within these frames, which has previously been concealed to us.

There is no innovation. There is only discovery, oblivion, and rediscovery.
Nothing is ever new. The concept of originality is a concept of self-deception.
Let’s close our eyes. We must not use them, if we desire to see the truth.

art against agony (2017)