Our perception of beauty is initiated by a moment of irritation.
Unexpected energy grinds bodily motions to a sudden halt.
Increased breath, yet unable to speak, we stand still, immobilized by awe.

Sympathic nervous system takes over.
Signs incorporate meaning,
shapes imply congruence,
colours evoke emotions,
odours become perfumes,
sounds tell stories,
bodies start secretion.

Our bodily interpretation of beauty turns irritation into arousal, paralysis into erection.
Beautiful objects are fueling the consumptive appetite,
violently provoking our yearning for possessive penetration and destructive analyses.

Our conceptual appreciation of beauty therefore calls for its conservation.
Waxcasts, photographs, sculptures, still life, musical notation.
Every conservation thus stops the motion of an object,
to preserve a single moment of its beauty.

As soon as beauty is conserved, we may still ravish in necrophilia,
yet the thrilling joy to violate, mutilate and rape the alive being,
will be forever forsaken.

art against agony (2017)