Reviews of our new EP ‚Russian Tales‘ keep coming, like this particular nice on from Progarchy! Check it out!

Our new video for ‚Coffee for the Queen‘ is out on Pitcam.TV – check it out!


Our now EP „Russian Tales“ is out now!!



For all CD enthusiasts: Our new EP „Russian Tales“ can now be ordered in our webshop!



Our new EP Russian Tales is now available for pre-order as a CD in our webshop or as a download on Bandcamp – if you pre-order on Bandcamp, you will already get our new song „Coffee for the Queen“ upfront! Check out the trailer for our new music video!


We hereby announce the art against agony Against All Odds Tour 2017.
Second leg: Brazil.

Tour Poster Brazil


We proudly announce our new EP „Russian Tales“, to be released in July 22nd!
This EP will tell the tales of our first tour in Russia last year,
ranging from hellfire experiences to blissful sensations.
More information soon!



We hereby announce the art against agony Against All Odds Tour 2017.
First leg: Russia.

Tour Poster Russia


the_maximalist talked about „the forgotten story, tour plans and that certain twang“ in an interview with the prog space! Check it out!


art against agony is announcing two new concert dates!
May 25th 2017 – Munich, 8Below
May 29th 2017 – Stuttgart, Max-Planck-Institut


Our new EP ‚the forgotten story‘ is now worldwide available on Amazon!


the_sorcerer just gave an interview to ProgSphere
about the new EP, influences, technology and the future.
Check it out here.


We’re on the front page of a look at their review of our new EP! Its a great review.
We have wonderful melodies, we have all of them!
We also have rhythms. They’re fantastic. You’re going to love it.
We’re going to build a huge wall of sound and we’ll make Justin Bieber pay for it.
Even Mike Portnoy is looking up to us. Portnoy, who would believe this?! Portnoy!!
Make Prog great again!

Now seriously, big big thanks to Prog-Sphere, they wrote an incredibly review
of our EP ‚The Forgotten Story‘. Check it out here


Prog Sphere​ magazine just announced that our song ‚Gente Innocente Non Corre‘ from our new EP will be featured in the voting for the best song of March 2017!

Please get the Prog Sphere App for Google Play and vote for us!

Our EP ‚the forgotten story‘ is out now!
Download it here, on Itunes, AmazonMp3, or listen to it on Spotify!
Tourphoto 2017



There is a new mask: the_maximalist.
Player of the king of percussion instruments, the mridangam.

The mridangam is an Indian percussion instrument, and is the primary rhythmic accompaniment in a Carnatic music ensemble. It is considered a divine instrument, played variously by Ganesha (the God with the elephant-head) and Nandhi (Shiva’s divine vehicle). According to Hindu mythology, Nandhi plays the mridangam during Shiva’s taandav dance.

The mridangam was the first instrument that the_maximalist started playing, and it continues to be the one closest to his heart. He has played in many Carnatic classical concerts from a young age, and, starting a few years back, he started playing the mridangam exclusively for progressive rock / metal.

the_maximalist (mridangam)


Tony Sison from the Los Angeles-based ‚dedicated rocker society‘ has published a wonderful review of our new EP ‚the forgotten story‘!

Pre-order it here and get our new song ‚Gente Innocente Non Corre‘ upfront as a free download!


Our new EP ‚the forgotten story‘ is available for pre-order now! Get it here!

AAA- The Frogotten Story 2k



There is a new mask.
Lots of feelings.



the_forgotten_story EP
to be released in 17/02/17
soon available for pre-order

2016 is ending, and we still have 3 tour Tshirts left (Size S, M, XXL), so we are throwing them out at a 9.99€ discount! Check it out in the_store!

We are busy in the studio and very excited to announce our first (actual) EP – to be called ‚THE FORGOTTEN STORY – the future sound of the past through the eyes of the present‘, and to be out in 17.02.17!

Over the past years a few of our songs from our first album ‚three short stories‘ have changed substantially during live performance, so we’ve decided to re-record these newly arranged songs and compile them as ‚the forgotten story‘.
More information soon.


art against agony has been shooting a promotional video for the ENGL Invader II amp with Adworks Studios and the fabulous Pete Jones (UK).



the_sorcerer has been working thoroughly with German Adworks Studios to produce a promotional video for the legendary guitar manufacturer Siggi Braun.
More information soon.


Another album review for ‚the difference between a duck and a lobster‘ was published today!

Album Review on (GERMAN)


Our album received a wonderful 9 out of 10 review by music journalist Falk Wehmeier!
Check it out!

Album Review on (GERMAN)

English translation:

(Jazz/Metal) „the difference between a duck and a lobster“ is already out for five months now, but better now than never: Here it is, the well deserved praise for some intelligent music, which is on the one hand somewhere located between Jazz and Metal, but on the other hand not to be titled with „Fusion“. ART AGAINST AGONY just cover way too many genres to be confined into these small boxes.

How about some examples?
„the_duck“, the first song in the record, could also be possibly found on a more tame „Algorithm“ release, while the second song „Fitches Pulled at Random“ does not only bear the „Meshuggah“ reference in its title – by the way, attentive followers of the band will have recognized the „Fitch“ neologism, created by the band on their first album „three short stories“ – „Abysmal Gale“ even comes up with some severe blastbeats.
„Batteries are for Flashlights, not for Pickups“ reduces both pentatonics and the blues to absurdity, and the „Nacre Fugue“ sounds like a Panzerballett-Version of baroque Bach-music. (by the way, Panzerballett lead guitarist Jan Zehrfeld is featured as a guest guitarist on „Fitches Pulled at Random“!)
The band’s music is still heavily rooted rooted in the Djent-movement, however, these elements now take a back seat on the new album.

The most impressive thing about ART AGAINST AGONY – despite all musical brainfucks – is that the project can maintain its musical integrity over such a variety of different instrumental pieces.
This is because ART AGAINST AGONY is telling stories with their music, which they now display even more impressively than on their first album ‚three short stories‘.
Their music is not easy listening, thats for sure, but one may still access their musical stories in a very easy and comfortable way, because the strange momentum of the music will very often be revealed only after closer inspection, which intensifies the effect of the music even more.

„the difference between a duck and a lobster“ – as far as you may dare to say about this „style“ of music – is the logical follow up to „three short stories“ and shows the impressive development of a band, which should have even deserved a lot more praise, yet will probably never get it due to their voluminous approach to art.
However, I highly recommend both their new and their old album to everybody who is already delighted by bands like Meshuggah, Panzerballett and Schizofrantik. If you are still looking for more, you may want to check out their Bandcamp or Youtube and sample their music:

by Falk Wehmeier


art against agony will play Wo?!Festival 2016!



the_sorcerer has done a guitar playthrough for ‚Gunseng!‘


Yes, we really don’t wanna sound like Metallica – check out this nice interview with Oksana Timchenko from!

Art Against Agony: «Мы не хотим звучать как Металлика»


the_switch, expert for live visuals, joined art against agony.

the_switch (live_visuals)
the_switch (live_visuals)



It is done.
We have finished our journey through Russia, the country of eternal ice and lonely snow foxes, which have knocked out our bus in the middle of Siberia.

Sometimes we were treated like big rockstars and we played clubs packed with lots of people who already knew all of our songs (!), and sometimes we played tiny pubs with only locals in it, who we left traumatized by our music.

We are incredibly thankful for all the people who we met on this tour, for every single person in our audiences, from Saint Petersburg to Rostov-on-Don and from Kemerovo to Bryansk.
Every handshake, every photograph, every autograph given by us was given with enormous gratitude.

Being on the road – driving 12000km and playing 20 shows in 3 weeks – was heaven and hell – with wonderful hospitality (the_sorcerer is sober again) & delicious food, marvelous nature & wild animals, but also including insomnia, anxiety & social break ups.

Lots of music was composed on the road, and back in Germany we will lose no time to record it – and come back to Russia, to show it to everybody.

See you again soon, Vodka-country.


the tour video can be found here:


we today release our second album ‚the difference between a duck and a lobster‘, which can be purchased in our online store or at our live shows. We are highly thankful for those who attended our release-concert and celebrated the start of our tour through Europe and Russia 2016 tonight.





the_heretic (bass, counterpoint), new member of the project.




our new album and two new tshirts are now available for pre-order in the_store.


New Russian tourdates for spring 2016!