Our very existence is absurd.
Everything we do will eventually come to an end,
but still it is our ideas that are forming time and history.

All motions we stir during the very short time we spend on this planet
will add more variables to the static principle of causality in the universe.
Yet therein, names, faces or any other forms of expressing our identity are of no value.

This implies that we ourselves are inevitably irrelevant living beings,
that in fact all we cherish about our individual self is of most vivid insignificance
regarding to what humanity has been, is now or will ever be.

However, most irritatingly, all high cultures descending from human origin
have ever since erected solemnizing monuments for specific names or faces,
rather than for high culture itself.

We wear masks to facilitate you focus on who we all really are.
Nobody, nothing – No body. No thing.
We are ideas.

Ideas can not be attached to any individual person or identity,
yet, unlike bodies or things, ideas are destined to remain.
Quidquid luce fuit tenebris agit.

Therefore, attaching utmost importance to individual feelings,
causality may reward you with the greatest material pleasures imaginable.
Alas, causality will fall into oblivion as the tides of time wash away your body,
forfeiting what could be a glorious future for mankind.

The leap of faith comes not from whether
you like or dislike the content of these words,
but rather from whether or not you dare to deal with its consequences.

Dare to be nobody.
Dare to no longer fall in, but out of love.
Dare to make the paradox orthodox and the orthodox paradox.

art against agony (2016)